each cake is different which means each cake will be a different price.  size, design, and toppers are all aspects that affect the overall price. feel free to check out the pricing page to get an idea of starting prices.

yes we do. when enquiring, let us know where the event is so that we can give you a quote.

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allow me to introduce myself.

I grew up in Buffalo, I've waited tables for years, and I'm mediocre at playing piano.

More importantly, I love designing cakes.

Of all the things one could feel passionately about, I discovered baking. Whether it was a birthday, an anniversary, or a random Friday night, I always had a reason to create a cake. Soon enough, I began making cakes for people who actually needed them. Years of hands on experimenting and mental breakdowns in the kitchen have taught me so much about the science behind baking and the technicalities behind designing. I aimed not only to create cakes that were aesthetic to look at, but had people going back for seconds.

Over the years, I have become obsessed with the processes involved in creating a cake. A lot of who I am has naturally bled into my work and influenced the cakes I make. Being meticulous, detail-oriented, and obsessive, sometimes to a fault, are all aspects of myself that have developed my style of cake making into what it is now; polished and contemporary.